Financial Institutions

Social Alpha offers social analytics factor feeds, dashboards, real time alerts and custom widgets to financial institutions.

  • Broker-Dealers

    Equity Traders and Sales Teams gain an edge with our real time market event alerts and analytics dashboards.

  • Asset Managers

    Portfolio and Wealth Managers use our market alerts, social news and sentiment analytics to increase portfolio returns and enrich their client conversations.

  • Hedge Funds

    Quant, Prop Trading, Long/Short, Event-Driven and Global Macro funds use our social analytics to surface high impact market events, innovate new alpha-generating trading systems, investigate opportunities and hedge position risk.

  • Equity Research

    Analysts use our social analytics dashboard and alerts to research and uncover stock information not surfaced by mainstream news or current research processes.

  • Investor Relations

    Our social analytics tools are used by Ipreo, a global leader in Investor Relations intelligence for public companies and investment banks.

  • News and Media

    Our social analytics engine and feeds deliver high-impact news and market information in real time from social media.  News and media firms integrate our custom widgets into news and research platforms.

We cover all U.S.-listed stocks and ETFs.

We can supply multiple years of historical data for analysis, system development and backtesting.

Please contact our Sales team to learn more about how we can serve your firm’s unique needs.